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5 Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Month

You’re engaged – congratulations! As you surely already know, you’re now entering one of the most exciting chapters of your life. And along with that excitement comes a handful of big decisions!

We’re guessing one of the very first things you were asked was, “When’s your date?!”

If you haven’t yet decided, we have plenty of advice for you! Here’s how you can determine which month is the best to host your dream wedding.

Step One: Cater to Your Imagination

First things first, it’s time to pop back into your wedding board on Pinterest! When it comes to picking a month to host your wedding, looking at the ideas you’ve saved is essential.

Do you hope to have a bright color palette and an outdoor venue? November – April might be a time to skip.

If you prefer a cozy atmosphere and darker colors, fall and winter are right up your alley. Remember that your day is about you and your partner, so considering what you truly want is your first step in deciding on a date.

Step Two: Choose a Time of Year

Once you’ve gathered your ideas on venues, decor, menus, and attire, it’s time to choose a season. Take the information you’ve gathered and think about the time of year that best suits who you are as a couple. 

Did you and your partner meet in the summer and hope to have your wedding around your anniversary? June – August might be perfect for you!

Are your winters typically slow at work, so you’ll have extra time to plan? Then, December – March may be the answer.

Sit down with your partner and think about which time of year you want to celebrate for years to come. Remember: It’s about more than just one day in one specific year. Your wedding date will be your anniversary and a day you’ll always cherish!

Once you’ve thought about what time of year you want your wedding to take place, it’s time to narrow things down even further.

Step Three: Consider Important Dates

After choosing a season, grab your calendar and note any important dates you need to remember during this time. For example, let’s say you’ve decided on a spring wedding between March, April, and May. Knowing this, start to list any important birthdays, work events, holidays, or other events you’ll be attending throughout these months.

Perhaps your March is entirely free, where as April is already booked solid with a vacation, a family wedding, and two birthdays in your immediate family. Knowing this will be a busy time, you might opt for a date in March before the busyness sets in!

Though May might be relatively open as well, having a busy month before your wedding only adds to the stress when it comes to planning. Opting for March will allow you and your partner to focus on your day without adding extra activities.

Step Four: Consider Your Budget

It’s important to remember that peak wedding season in Minnesota typically runs from May to September.

What does this mean? Higher price tags! If you’re looking to save money, hosting your wedding in the off-season will likely save you a hefty chunk of change. But if the time of year is more important, this might not be something you consider.

Some venues also offer cheaper costs on weekdays vs weekends, so if you're set on a summer wedding, but are looking for a more affordable venue, maybe opt for a Thursday instead of a Saturday.

Bottom line: Sit down with your partner and keep the numbers in mind as you decide. 

Step Five: Check With Your People

You’ve taken all of these factors into account and decided on a month to host your special day – yay! Now, it’s time to share it with those who matter most.

Talk to your parents, grandparents, and those in your wedding party to ensure this month is one they can clear their schedule. If anyone is pregnant, will be out of the country, or has another wedding during that time, you’ll want to know about it before making things official!

This doesn't need to make or break your plan, but it's good to know these details. Though your wedding day is about you and your partner, it’s even more special when you’re able to share it with all of your loved ones.

Regardless of the month, your wedding will be one to remember as it’s when you shared your commitment, celebrated your love, and enjoyed an incredible time with family and friends. Knowing the meaning behind it makes picking a month much less daunting!

Thinking ahead...your next steps could be starting to communicate with venues-to look for available dates...

Still feeling lost when it comes to your big day? That’s what we’re here for. Schedule a consultation call and we’ll help you design a wedding that’s perfect for you and your partner!



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