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backyard weddings - our ultimate guide.

In a world where nothing seems certain, bold and stunning backyard weddings are something that feels familiar and safe. There are so many advantages to a backyard wedding–including the price tag and convenience–but with those come some items that you need to ensure you are aware of and some different situations you may encounter.

To keep you on track, we have compiled a super simple guide with everything you need to know about planning a backyard wedding, from logistics to design.

There are so many reasons a backyard wedding could be the perfect fit for your day. Here are a few:

Flexible dates

When you get married on your own property or a friend or family members you do not have to worry about your venue being booked. It is one less worry on your plate. You also don’t have to consider prime dates and such in regard to your venue. There are other costs with a backyard wedding but you can still save some cash going with a backyard wedding.

You can save $$$$!

Backyard weddings *can* save you money. Depending on venue costs, you get to save on those fees, potential security fees, and other items some venues may require.

Fully customizable

You can really make your day *you* in every way. It is a totally blank slate; you get to put your touch on everything. There are no rules, it’s all you!

Now, there are certainly some things to consider when planning. Generally speaking back yard weddings have more logistics to consider.


Electrical is HUGE for you to consider. Not only the ability to run sound but if you’re having a DJ or a band they may have a certain requirement for power.

Rest Rooms

You will not want people going in and out of your house on your day. You’ll definitely want to look into renting bathrooms. Bathroom trailers are surprisingly nice and you’ll be so glad you don’t have that headache.

Permits & Insurance

Take the time to look up and permits you may need along with purchasing insurance for the day. You can often purchase insurance through your homeowners policy if you have one.


Talk to your neighbors! It would really put a damper on your day if your neighbors are unaware and contact local authorities or even just end upset at you ongoing.


This is the number one thing we see people forget when deciding to have a backyard wedding. You need to have somewhere to park your guests. If you’re planning to park them in a field, make sure to consider what weather impact there could be on that plan. If you plan to have them park on the street, know the ordinances surrounding parking on the street at your location. There is always the option to bus people in from somewhere else as well.

Here are the rentals unique to backyard weddings to consider:

· Chairs

· Tent

· Tables

· Tables

· Ceremony Backdrop

· Bar

· Dance Floor

· Lighting

· Portable Restrooms

· Trash and recycling bins

And that's a wrap on the backyard wedding guide!

Thank you to Lindsay Miller Photo for capturing these stunning photos and sharing them with us!

COVID 19 NOTE: In Minnesota, private residence gatherings have typically been far more restrictive than gatherings at venues. Please consider the current executive orders from the govenor at the time of your event.


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