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How to Honor Lost Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Like anything else in life, weddings can be bittersweet. This is especially true if someone you love won’t be there to celebrate with you. 

So how do you plan a joy-filled wedding while holding space for your lost loved one? Keep reading for ideas. 

Create a Memorial

One great way to honor your person is to create a memorial for them. You can do this by setting up a table at the reception with flowers and photos. 

Or, you might reserve a seat at a dining table for your loved one. Wherever you want to feel their presence on your big day is a perfect place to set up a memorial. 

Wear Something That Belonged to Them 

If your person passed on an item of clothing or jewelry you’d like to wear during your big day, that can be an excellent way to keep them close. 

Be sure to share the importance of this item with your photographer so they can capture photos accordingly. 

Feature a Menu Item or Drink in Their Honor

If your loved one had a favorite food or drink that you’ll be serving at your reception, why not name and present this item in your person’s honor? 

For example, if your grandfather was a big whiskey lover, you may try featuring “Grandpa Gene’s Whiskey Sours” as your official reception drink. 

Make a Toast

Toasts can be a perfect opportunity to acknowledge your person and how much you wish they were there. 

You can keep spirits high by using the toast to focus on something positive, like “Aunt Glenda would be killing it on the dance floor if she were here with us tonight.” 

Include Them in Your Vows

If it feels appropriate, a simple and heartfelt nod to your lost loved one can make your vows even more meaningful. 

For example, a statement like “I know my father would be so proud to see me marrying you” is a beautiful way to acknowledge your lost loved one while keeping the focus on your partner. 

Follow Your Heart

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to acknowledge your lost loved one at your wedding. Instead, do what feels best for you and your partner, and know that your love and acknowledgment are what matter most! 


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