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How to Select an Engagement Ring that Suits You Best

You’re ready to say “YES!” to the partner of your dreams, and now it’s time to make it official with an engagement ring. You don’t want just any ring, however. You want a ring that fits your personality, but also makes your best features stand out!

With so many options to choose from, the engagement ring shopping process can be daunting. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or are not sure where to start, there’s hope!

Finding out what kind of engagement ring would look best on you will help you find your dream ring. To do that, you’ll have to look at what type of fingers you have and other defining features, such as knuckle size and hand size.

Short Fingers

If you have short fingers or fingers shorter than the palm of the hand, opt for a ring that will help elongate them, such as oval, emerald, pear, or marquise stones. These fancy diamonds are perfect for making your fingers look longer without overwhelming them. Also, choose a thinner band size to create an illusion of length.

Long Fingers

If you’ve been blessed with long fingers, then luckily, you have the option to choose from a variety of unique and creative ring styles. Think outside the box! Asscher, cushion, and princess cuts are classy and timeless choices.

Fun tip... make a Pinterest board with your most favorite ring options and share with with your S/O. This will help both of you get a better idea of what to look for when you go ring shopping!

Slender Fingers

If your fingers are slim, opt for rings that make your fingers appear fuller. Classic selections, like marquise or pear-shaped diamonds, are a great choice. The key is to choose smaller, delicate-looking gemstones that don’t cover your entire finger.

Wide Fingers

While it may not seem like it, wider diamonds pair well with wide fingers! Large stones accentuate the qualities of your fingers, allowing you to show off more bling. Try wide emerald, oval, or heart cuts for your rock. Choose a wider band as well.

Small Hands

If you have small hands, it’s a good idea to keep the diamonds reasonably small as well. Skip the heavy, elaborate rings and select smaller stones like round, princess, or heart-shaped diamonds that will complement your hands without seeming like it’s weighing you down.

Large Hands

On the other hand, you’ll want to opt for a larger stone if you have larger hands. In fact, larger hands are great for showing off more elaborate diamonds! Have some fun with your selection and don’t be afraid to go big and get a sizable dazzler.

While these are good rules to keep in mind when selecting your ring, the MOST important consideration is to find a ring that you will love for life. An engagement ring is something you’ll keep (and wear) for a long time, so it should be something you get excited about wearing.

A fun way to this is to make a day of it! Go out for coffee or brunch in the morning and then visit a few shops throughout the day. Whether you're at 50th and France or Mall of America there is an abundance of fun restaurants and boutiques that you can stop at along the way between shops. When you feel like you want a break go on a walk around one of Minnesota's many lakes or stop for lunch at a new cafe. No doubt the best way to ring shop is to do in comfortably, so whether you're at your families' local jeweler or somewhere you've never heard of before...make sure that you're taking time to check in and regroup with your soon to be fiancé!

These aren’t hard and fast rules, so feel free to change them to fit your style. Whether you love big rocks or swoon for dainty diamonds, focus on enjoying a successful engagement ring shopping experience with your partner!


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