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Important Wedding Details You Should Never Miss

It’s no secret that there’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding. From booking the venue to securing the cake, there are dozens of tiny details you will need to remember.

With that said, it’s easy to see how we can miss some of the essentials! Every couple deserves to have the wedding of their dreams, so let’s take a look at some of those details that can be easily overlooked so you can put them on your to-do list.

Direction and Signage

The last thing you want is your guests getting lost on their way to the wedding. To avoid this problem, be sure to provide directions to the venue. For example, you can include a Google Maps link on your wedding website or a map of the venue in your program or invites.

On the day-of, consider posting signs that direct guests to where they should go for each part of the ceremony, like the wedding hall for the main event and the reception. Don’t worry — you can make them cute to match your wedding theme!

Escort Cards

Once you get guests going in the right direction, don’t forget to show them where they’re seated! Use elegant escort cards to save your guests the trouble of having to search for their assigned seats. Again, you can customize these cards to your heart’s desire so they match your wedding theme.

Grand Entrance

Make your wedding day even more special with a personalized entrance for your ceremony and reception space. This is a great way to welcome guests and make them feel at home. Try decorating the door frame with garlands or line the entrance with lanterns or other lights.

Guest Book

Have a guest book at the entrance so your friends and family can put down their names and leave their blessings. This doesn’t have to be limited to just signatures! You can have them place photos inside the book (provide a polaroid camera for instant photos) or encourage them to write down marriage tips, date night ideas, and more sweet gestures. There are many unique options to give your guest book a customized twist!

Menu Cards

Don’t forget to set these out to build anticipation for the meal! They are perfect for complementing your wedding day stationery and adding extra style to your tables. Plus, they’re a great way to spice up the average table setting.

Grand Exit

Don’t forget to exit in style! This is the moment where everyone will be looking and congratulating you, so make it count. You may have rose petals sprinkled on the ground, a line of guests with sparklers, or perhaps you’ll really wow the crowd by driving off in a vintage auto or a jazzy sports car.

A few more things you could miss include having aesthetic lighting, providing suitable chairs, and properly setting up the cake table. As you’re planning out the wedding day, keep a running list of important details you know you don’t want to miss.

It may get tedious or frustrating at times, but it will be well worth it to have a beautiful, successful wedding that goes on without a hitch! And if it gets to be too much, we are here to help! Set up a consultation with us to hear how we can take some of these details off of your hands.



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