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My venue has a coordinator...

When planning a wedding you hear the terms "wedding planner" and "venue coordinator" often. They sound pretty similar to the unsuspecting, but unless you’re a wedding professional you may not know there’s a difference. Unfortunately, many couples make the common mistake of thinking they will provide the same value on their big day. This leaves couples thinking they don’t need a wedding planner.

There are some pretty major differences in venue coordinators and a wedding planners. Shaded Spruce's wedding planning services go far beyond most venue coordinators scope, you truthfully need both to ensure a seamless day. Let me break down a few of the major differences.

You're the focus!

I often say that a detailed timeline is the most important thing in ensuring every detail of your wedding is perfect. A wedding planner is going to create a detailed timeline for you that encompasses every piece of your day, start to finish, and often beyond. We're going to schedule in the little things like ensuring your groomsmen know when they need to get dressed and when the ushers should show up at the ceremony location. SSE covers every single little detail.

A venue coordinator is going to ensure the timeline goes smoothly in regards to things like when the bar will open and when the kitchen staff should plate the food. They are not going to be able to manage things like putting together your details so they are ready when your photographer arrives. They serve an important role, but that is to manage the timeline in regards to the venue itself.

You're the boss!

When you hire a wedding planner, that's me, you're the boss. We take a limited number of weddings each year so you, the couple, get our full attention throughout the wedding planning process and on the big days. SSE is committed to giving you seamless day with every detail executed perfectly.

When you hire a venue with a venue coordinator they work for the venue. Most often that coordinator's primary job is to manage the venue staff and making sure the venue is ready to go. A venue coordinator won't be able to focus on you as they will be busy managing the venue.

You're more than just the day!

A venue coordinator primarily works on your day and doesn't do much in advance as far as the full scope of all your vendors. They are great at managing the facilities, the food if it's on site but they won't typically work with your other vendors to create a seamless day. Venue coordinators, while a definte asset to any wedding, are going to be focused on the venue.

A wedding planner will be involved in advanced, depending on the package you book with them they may be involved with all of the details a year out or even more. At Shaded Spruce Events we equip you with a range of documents and resources to help you with planning in all of our packages.

We could go on and one about why you should hire a planner/coordinator for your wedding, and we might be a little bias. If you were talk to our brides, they would tell you every time that we were the best money they spent on their wedding. So, maybe it's SSE or maybe another planner, I just know you won't regret hiring someone to make sure your day is seamless.



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