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What Stationary do you Need for Your Special Day?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

When you start planning a wedding, one of the first things that may come to mind are your wedding invitations.

However, have you thought about all the stationery you may need?

Planning out the stationery you want to send to guests and use on your wedding day will help you determine your budget and decide which pieces you need and which aren't quite necessary.

Plus, it'll help you stick to a consistent theme that perfectly matches your wedding colors and vibe. If you're not sure where to start or what to purchase, don't stress!

Let's look at the stationery pieces you may need throughout your wedding journey:


While these aren't exactly mandatory, save-the-date cards come in handy when your guests have to prepare for your wedding in advance and you want to share a friendly reminder for your big day. This is an excellent idea if you're having a destination wedding, getting married on a holiday, or at a time when another major event is happening.

Save the dates are also a fun way to hint at your wedding theme. Bonus points for adding a beautiful photo to complement it.

Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation is the cream of the crop among wedding stationery pieces.

The traditional wedding suite includes the main card, the reply or RSVP card, and envelopes if you want your guests to mail back their responses. If they're going to reserve online, you can skip this piece.

Don't forget all the essential details! Your invitation should include the couples' names, hosts' names, date and time, and the address for the venue. If it’s a hard-to-find location, consider including driving directions as well.

You may also consider including reception detail cards, accommodation detail cards, and rehearsal dinner invitations. For rehearsal dinner cards, be sure to include the name of the family that's hosting, the location, and the RSVP line.

Ceremony Programs

The ceremony program can be simple. It usually includes a list of the wedding day readings, songs, and the names of the officiant and bridal party members.

This can be a fun way to entertain your guests during transition times. Some options include fun facts, puzzles, icebreaker questions, and games.

Escort Cards & Table Numbers

The escort card tells guests where they'll be sitting, whereas table numbers indicates which table is which. (PS – Table numbers don’t even need to be numbers! They can be phrases or locations that are special to you!)

Food & Beverage Menus

List out all the courses and drinks here to give guests a preview of what will be served! Get their mouths watering by detailing key ingredients and, if possible, suggest drink pairings for your main dishes.

Thank You Cards

Don't forget this vital piece of stationery! When all is said and done, you'll want to thank your guests for celebrating the day with you and bringing a gift for you and your new spouse. Handwrite them and include some photos from your wedding day for a personal touch!

While these are the essential wedding stationery pieces most couples use, you can always include more or less depending on your needs! Consider the events leading up to your big day and use them as a guide to determine the wedding stationery you need to buy. For instance, if you're having an engagement party or bridal shower, you may want to order invites for those!

Whatever you need, make a list and take it one step at a time. This will help you achieve a successful wedding celebration without taking on unnecessary stress. Happy planning!



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