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Shaded Spruce Events - an introduction!

I am going to just do it. I am jumping on the blog writing band wagon. I've fought the idea for over a year but I can't any longer. I am so excited to connect more with you, whoever you are through this. We have lots of exciting things to share so thanks for coming along for the ride.

First, let's get acquainted.

If you don't know us, we are currently a team of three. I'm McKayla, you'll hear from me the most. My sister Megan and I started Shaded Spruce Events over a year ago because we love weddings and we are pretty good at planning and executing events if I do say so myself. We added Rachel about six months ago because we adore her and she is SO talented. Anything from wedding design to designing your invitation suite. She does it all! More on her creative gifts in a future post.

When will you blog next, McKayla?

Good question. I'll be throwing a new blog at you every Wednesday! So stay tuned for more!



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