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Unique Ways to Serve Wedding Day Drinks

Time to get those bottles up and champagne glasses ready! A wedding isn’t complete without refreshing drinks to keep spirits high and guests hydrated, so make your wedding décor even more special with cool and unique drink displays.

Whether you’re serving wine or lemonade, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative for cocktail hour. Everyone wants to have that wow factor on their special day, so let’s look at some drink serving ideas that are sure to elicit ooos and aaas from your guests, friends, and family.

Bathtub Chill

Fill a small bathtub with ice and store a variety of bottled drinks inside for a unique twist on the traditional cooler. But, you don’t have to stop there. Decorate the tub with greenery, flowers, and other decor to make it stand out and match your wedding theme. Pro tip: You can also use this same method with a kayak or other small boat!

Fruity Ice Bucket

Elevate the typical ice bucket with colorful sliced fruits. Fill a glass or plastic bucket with ice and outline it with strawberries, blueberries, and other fruits of your choice, along with some pretty flowers. Then stick in a wine or champagne bottle of your choice.

Roll it Out

Make a mobile cooler by filling a wheelbarrow with ice and colorful florals. Place your ice down first and then adorn it with a miscellaneous arrangement of flowers for a bright display. Then, place your drinks on top and voila! You can also include a cute sign to sit between the wheelbarrow handles.

Make a Champagne Wall

Greenery and champagne glasses make for a pretty aesthetic when paired together. Get some tall wooden shelves and outline the entire piece in lush greenery. Then, place your champagne glasses on the shelves when you’re done!

Branded Coconuts

Get some cute coconut-shaped cups and monogram them with you and your partner’s names or custom monogram. Then, fill them with your drink of choice and serve them to guests for a tropical-themed refreshment. Add straws and a pretty plant leaf for more style.

The key to having the best drink display for your wedding is using your creativity and thinking outside the box. With that said, be sure to keep your theme and feasibility in mind and use all your resources!

Also, you don’t have to go the expensive route. You can use simple tools and put a unique twist on them. Whether you use an old kayak, a wheelbarrow, or set up a sparkling wine display, your wedding is sure to be a hit with these one-of-a-kind ideas!


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